Hydrobike Hire Lake Plastira

Lake Plastiras is an unrivaled all-season destination! The hydrobike allows visitors to enjoy the unique beauty of the lake all year round, even when covered in snow. It is suitable for people of all ages and a pleasant experience for those seeking activities in the form of a short tour or a day trip, and above all, with safety.

The innovative hydrobike design offers you the opportunity to enjoy your ride, without any need for special clothing and of course, without even getting wet!

Go on a ride alone, with friends or a partner, in the blue and clear waters of Lake Plastiras. The hydrobike has storage space that allows you to take your coffee, snacks, your mobile phone or your camera, to capture the unique scenery of the lake from a different point of view. Tavropos Activity Center also organizes spectacular full moon night rides in the summer months, which is an incredible experience! The ride with the hydrobike is a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression!

Rental Price: 10€/person /30min,  15€/person /1h

Safety Measures