Activities For Schools

At Tavropos Activity Center, schools, groups and camps have the opportunity to engage in the following activities and have fun in all safety, while gaining new skills and experiences.

All activities are supervised by people who give detailed guidelines and ensure the implementation of security standards and procedures. For all the activities, there is an appropriate safety equipment and first aid kit.

Our Activities For Schools


Our hydrobikes, due to their ergonomic design, make it a convenient and safe way to ride around the lake without getting in touch with water. There are single and double hydrobikes, suitable for elementary school children with a height of 1.00m+.

Life jackets are compulsory for everyone in order to carry out the activities.

For extra security, we have two rescue boats that are constantly on guard and ready to intervene in case of emergency. All life jackets have tags indicating the safety rules, as well as our contact information.


Canoeing brings children into contact with rowing. You can fit two to three people – children in our canoes, depending on the age. There is no risk of overturning the vessel as there are no currents. There is little chance of getting wet.

A life jacket is required for carrying out any activity.
Our two rescue boats are on guard throughout the activities.


At our facilities, children and teenagers have the opportunity to experience the Olympic sport of archery. The activity is supervised by qualified trainers who will take you step by step through safe shooting techniques and make sure that all safety precautions are taken, in order to avoid injuries!

Archery is suitable for children over 8 years old, since our well-maintained equipment includes bows and arrows for children and teens!

For The Activities

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