About Us

TAVROPOS Activities, an activity and information center, has been operating in Lake Plastiras since 1995, aimed at offering adventure lovers the opportunity to engage in mountain biking, both traditional and electric, hybrobiking, archery, canoeing-kayaking, SUP and Yoga SUP. We provide individual renting equipment or group participation in activities.

In both cases, pleasure combined with safety is what we aim for.

The quality of our equipment, which is always well-maintained, of the latest technology, and regularly updated, is our primary concern.

In all life jackets, which are compulsory for water related activities, there are tags indicating safety rules, as well as our contact information. We also have two security – escort boats in excellent condition and always on guard.

For mountain biking we provide helmets, gloves, reflective vests and cards with our contact information.

All participants in the activities are covered by liability insurance!


Our Team

Founder- Director:
Charalampidis Dimitris
Activities Manager
Zarkadas Alexandros
Responsible for organizing activities
Charchari Elektra